Nine Ways to Make Your Home Cleaner and Healthier in 2018

Nine Ways to Make Your Home Cleaner and Healthier in 2018

While your house might look tidy and clean at first sight, there are some hidden places that most homeowners don’t remember to check. If you would like to feel healthier in your home and tackle the problem areas, you will need to pay attention to some of the routines that are not commonly known by people. Below you will find a list of ways to make your house not only cleaner, but also healthier to live in.

  1. Natural Air Purifying Plants

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If you want to have a better air quality in your home, you might want to get some plants that naturally purify and clean the air for you. While most plants are good for this purpose, cactuses are better, as they are able to absorb more toxins. Don’t forget that the leaves of plants can also get dusty, therefore, you will need to dust or wash/spray them regularly to let them breathe, and to improve the quality of the air. Get a plant in your bedroom window for a better sleep, and in your bathroom to get rid of the residues of chemicals.

  1. Air Cleaner and Dehumidifier

You can get air filter cleaners and dehumidifiers if you suffer from damp and mold. You want to eliminate the source of the problem first, however. Check if there is a problem with your wall insulation, and if your windows and doors close properly. Keep your house ventilated and dry, by having the heating on when you dry clothes indoors. Place all your laundry items in the wet room, instead of the kitchen or other hard to ventilate areas. Install extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen, and get a dehumidifier for the winter months.

  1. Cables and Plugs

There are a lot of germs on cables and plugs, as well as wall switches. Cables will collect a lot of dust, and you will need to regularly clean them with a damp cloth. When it comes to plugs and switches, however, you will need to be more careful with wet cloths. Even if you turn off the electricity, you can suffer a shock. You can, however, find a way to clean switches and plugs safely of germs and stains.

  1. Washing the Ceiling

You might think that – since nobody touches it – your ceiling is clean. This is far from the truth. Indeed, it can be dirty, as dust usually rises upwards. You might want to give your ceiling another layer of paint or wash it if you use a wipe-off paint, and see for yourself how much dirt is collected above your head that you simply never noticed.

  1. Filling Cracks and Gaps

If there are cracks and gaps in your walls, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. Make sure that you use a strong adhesive plaster that provides long lasting even cover. You don’t want small animals discover the gaps and nest in your house. If you discover that you have uninvited guests living in the cracks and gaps of your wall, you need to talk to Natura Pest Control to find a permanent solution for your problem.


  1. White Vinegar Schedule

One of the organic ways of looking after your home and keeping it clean without chemicals is using white vinegar. As a natural antibacterial substance, and less invasive than most shop-bought cleaning products, it is safe to use around the kitchen as well as other parts of your house. The best thing about cleaning with white vinegar is that it is extremely effective and cheap. You can get a spray bottle, fill it up with vinegar, and transform your chrome surfaces, glass, and even your bath and toilet. Vinegar will keep your surfaces shiny and sparkly for longer, and the smell will go away in just a few minutes.

  1. Window and Door Frames

You might clean your windows regularly, but it is also important that you pay attention to the frames and doors. Always wash your frames before you would tackle the glass, so you don’t have to polish your windows twice. Use a regular cleaner, or a soda crystal spray to restore plastic surfaces’ color and shine and reduce the damage caused by extreme weather and heat.

  1. Under Carpet Issues

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You might think that whatever is under the carpet stays there. This is not the case. No matter how thick your rugs and carpets are, the dust from between your floorboards can rise up and cause problems. It is recommended that you change your carpets every 5-10 years, and when you do, you should deep cleanse the floorboards. Vacuum between them, and use a damp mop to give them a good clean before your decorator installs the new carpet. To protect your living area from dust, and reduce the noise when you walk on the floor, improving your comfort, you can also get an insulating underlay.

  1. Inside Your Washing Machine and Kettle

When was the last time you checked inside your washing machine and kettle? Chances are they are covered in lime scale and residue. You might think that professional household electrical cleaners are the only solution, but vinegar and soda crystal powder will do the job just as well, and for less money. Use a vinegar rinse once a month to protect your small electrical equipment, and your health from toxins and harmful chemicals. Check your faucets for lime scale, especially if you live in a hard water area, and make sure you eliminate the build up before it causes serious damage to your fixtures.


Your regular cleaning routine might give you a clean looking home, but if you want to make sure every corner is as hygienic as possible, you might need to go further and check the areas mentioned above. Focus on the air quality in your house, and make sure that you check hidden corners for cracks and gaps. Protect yourself from dust between the floorboards, and switch to organic cleaning solutions whenever you can. Reduce the presence of chemicals and you can avoid future health problems.

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