Unhappy With Your Job? Do Something About It

Unhappy With Your Job? Do Something About It

Would you consider yourself happy with your current job? Do you feel content working where you are currently working? Does it leave you feeling at least somewhat fulfilled at the end of the day? If your answer for any of those is no, then you are not alone. Surveys were carried out in big cities like London, and they showed that the majority of adults aged 18-44 are seeking a career change. In the 18-24 age group, the percentage of people wanting to change careers is at an overwhelming 68 percent, followed by 65 percent in the 25-34 age range. Evidently, most people are not overwhelmingly pleased about their current job, and that in itself can be attributed to a plethora of reasons. Low wages, long work hours, lack of flexibility, mean bosses and just about anything else you can think of. However, the reality is that most people do not really do anything about it, and just wait for some miracle to occur, why not take matters into your own hands and do something about it?

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Looking for employment in the modern day


The age of going around and handing out CVs in stores is slowly coming to an end, while still prevalent in most cities, more and more people are finding jobs by applying for them online. Many companies do not even have applications open in store, they have exclusively online applications, which in itself seems somewhat questionable but chances are that’s the direction things are moving towards anyway. Besides just going on company websites and seeing if they have any open vacancies, you can go and apply for the many job searching sites which are currently on the rise. Jobsite, Monster, Reed, indeed, more job search sites than you can shake a stick at. While there might not be one that’s objectively superior and recommended, they are all free, so why not just sign up for all of them? All you have to do is go through the site or your Email your daily updates and new job offers.


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Want to pick up some qualifications in the meantime?


Despite the amount of people who say they went on to get a degree and had nothing come of it, there is probably an equally large amount of people who went on to get great jobs and built a career due to various qualifications they acquired through the years. Now while it is never guaranteed, much like anything in life, getting some definitely will not hinder you from getting a job. Now regardless if you want to go and sign up for an Adobe Certified Associate course, or a fnp online program, the sky’s the limit. It is easier to go and pick up certificates and skills than ever before due to more flexible hours for classes, being able to take whole courses online, and the general demand for them. You can attend classes after work, or even semi-regularly during the day when working part-time, there is a solution for everyone, and if you genuinely feel like you wish to progress with your career, or maybe change direction entirely, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from doing so.

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