It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop: Tips For Creating The Rihanna Look

It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop: Tips For Creating The Rihanna Look

Whether you like Rihanna’s style or your kids want to look like her, everyone is guaranteed to have a lot of fun during the process. Some fantastic tips on this page should assist all readers in making sure they create the hip-hop look without breaking the bank or spending a fortune. Use some of the suggestions below to ensure you leave no stone unturned, and whoever gets the makeover ends up stunning their friends. By the way, it’s okay to pretend you’re reading this article for the benefit of your kids if you don’t want to admit to replicating Rihanna’s style as an adult. People will understand.

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When it comes to creating the Rihanna look rather than a personal style, ladies and girls will want to make sure they get the right hairstyle. As the star uses a weave, that’s probably where most of you will want to start. Weaves work by twisting and knotting real and artificial hair together. Most regular hairdressers don’t offer that service, and so it’s sensible to search online for someone who does. Anyone who uses that idea will have to ensure they don’t wash the weave too often or it will come undone. When you consider that some professionals charge over $200 for a decent design, you’ll see that it makes sense to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible.

Buy oversized jackets

Rihanna has become famous for wearing lots of oversized coats during her career. Experts suggest she probably buys items around two sizes too big for the results she achieves. So, that’s something any Rihanna wannabes will have to consider when creating their outfits according to writers at Denim is always a top choice for the star, but anyone can search for images online to see her wearing leather and lots of other materials. For the best prices, it’s sensible to use the internet and check out specialist hip-hop-style urban clothing brands. Some of them might even have a Rihanna section.

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Flash the bling

There is no getting away from the fact that the Rihanna look isn’t complete without lots of bling. The designers over at say Rihanna probably spends more cash on jewelry than any other women in the hip-hop world today. Of course, most people reading this post won’t want to pay $100,000 just to look like their favorite star. So, be sure to shop around and check out budget retailers who don’t charge the earth for their products. If you spend a few hundred dollars on diamonds here and there, it’s not the end of the world. Just act surprised when you see the credit card bill!

Those ideas should assist all readers in making a start when it comes to creating the Rihanna look. For more inspiration, just search her name on Google and take a look at some of the images. There are thousands available, and so you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your urban taste buds. Whatever happens, just have fun with the idea!

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