Natural Remedies To Keep Pests Away This Summer. By Guest Blogger Hans S.

By Guest Blogger Hans S.

Natural Remedies To Keep Pests Away This Summer

Plastic sprayer with insecticide and stinging insect, mosquito,wasp, hornet, ant.
Plastic sprayer with insecticide and stinging insect, mosquito,wasp, hornet, ant.

Summers are known for being a time of year to spend outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. From reading a book in your favorite hammock to hosting a large family barbecue, having natural remedies to combat pests is a must. Otherwise, you risk being bitten by spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies or chiggers and the equally distressing stings of scorpions, bees, wasps and hornets.

You should use a combination of methods to achieve your pest control goals. Begin with the outside of your home, followed by the interior, then yourself and your family. If any of these areas are lacking treatment, you may become the victim of the previously mentioned insects.


Yellow Bug Light on Black Background with Glow
Yellow Bug Light on Black Background with Glow

The first step in avoiding biting insects in your yard is to create an inhospitable environment for them. Switch to yellow bulbs outdoors. The majority of insects have difficulty perceiving this wavelength of the color temperature spectrum, making the lights more challenging to discern. Choose between incandescent and CFL bulbs.

In addition to the bulbs, choose insect repelling plants. Basil kills mosquito eggs and wards off the adults and flies. If you grow organically, you can harvest and eat when ready. Biting insects dislike mint and lemon balm, making them ideal choices to place near your garden or porch seating.

Eucalyptus trees and cedar hedges also have a strong scent disliked by biting insects. Strategically place these or similarly unpleasant-to-bugs trees and hedges to minimize the number of insects entering your yard.

Make certain that water drains well throughout your property. Empty any standing water and take precautions so that you do not experience a reaccumulation. This will remove the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other bugs.


If your home is a haven for insects, they will get past the outdoor repellents and move into your house. You can grow rosemary, lavender or additional herbs and flowers indoors know to ward off pests.

Use essential oils in a diffuser to fill your house with a pleasing aroma that bugs find repugnant. If you make your own cleaning products to avoid the toxic chemicals in store-bought ones, you can add the same essential oils to help stop bugs. They will not want to walk or land on these surfaces. (See below for list of suggested oils.)

Utilize essential oils with a homemade misting solution if you prefer. In a small spray bottle, mix one cup Everclear or other high proof alcohol with 100-200 drops of a single essential oil or a blend if you prefer. This is approximately two teaspoons of pure essential oils. Shake well and spray lightly throughout your home.

Promptly toss garbage in a lidded can and clean the kitchen after meals. Also, repair leaky faucets to ensure you do not have standing water indoors.

You And Your Family

The previous suggestions will minimize the number of bugs that come onto your property, with even fewer sticking around. However, if you and your family intend to spend time outdoors, you should be prepared, particularly if you are going to another location.

You should wear light colors and use a natural insect repellent over your sunscreen on your exposed skin. Mix three ounces each pure water and witch hazel. Add 30-50 drops of essential oils. Mix well and thoroughly cover skin with it.

Essential oils for pest control:

* Citronella
* Geranium
* Clove
* Cedar
* Eucalyptus
* Lemongrass
* Peppermint
* Lavender
* Lemon Eucalyptus
* Patchouli
* Rosemary
* Tea Tree

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

You can use the above essential oils in your home or on your body provided you dilute them properly. A combination of scents may be more effective and pleasing to you. Make sure to label your creations, including the exact amount of each oil used. This way, you can replicate those that work particularly well or that give your home a desirable fragrance.

Employing these natural methods will keep the bugs away from your home and family this summer so you can enjoy the season together.

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