Best clothing choices for big-busted ladies. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Best clothing choices for big-busted ladies

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Even though having large breasts is considered a positive and desirable quality in today’s society, it can also bring some difficulties to ladies who ‘own’ them. This is especially true when it comes to picking flattering clothing bits and pieces. Still, there is always a way to look tasteful, fashionable and trendy no matter what your style is if you stick to some basic rules.

The question of tops

When it comes to finding perfect tops, shirts and sweaters it is important to pay attention to the cut. Most flattering tops for ladies with big bust have fitted waist and the neckline is neither too high nor low. Still, if you really like boxy style tops, you can wear one without problems but simply choose those that fall straight from the bust line and are slightly cropped. Moreover, wearing over-sized T-shirts can also look great if you tuck one part of the shirt in your bottoms. When it comes to tank tops, stick to those with wide straps because straps that are really thin can draw unnecessary attention to your breasts and create a false appearance of a size too small for you. Also, if you really like sweaters at winter time, stick to those that do not fall over your hips because really long woolen sweaters can create more of unwanted bulkiness.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Pants and shorts

Choosing the right bottoms mainly depends on your body shape and not just the size of your bust. Still, wearing overly skinny jeans and tight shorts can create a dis-balance in your overall look so opting for a straight cut pants and jeans and a bit wider shorts is something you might want to try out. If your body type allows you to comfortably wear baggy pants remember to always wear a fitted top and jacket in combination with those because going oversized for your whole look when having big bust will not look flattering for your figure meaning that your effortless and casual look may turn out as a sloppy and lazy one instead.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Skirts and dresses

Again, the length and style of your dresses and skirts should flatter your general body type not just the breast area. This is especially true for skirts. Still, there can be some issues with choosing the right dress. Retro style and wrap dresses are the perfect choice for ladies with big bust. Still, if you find a dress that you really love but due to its perfect fitting in the bust part it is simply too wide in the waist and hip area, you can always try layering and wearing cute belts. Actually, belts can become your primary accessory that you can turn into a really unique personal touch. Moreover, wearing a cardigan or a blouse that you can tie in the front looks great with flowy dresses and does a great job in shifting the attention away from your breasts.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Find the right bra

In general, your clothes will not sit well on your body if you do not wear a bra that fits your breasts and supports them perfectly. A bra that is

too small will squeeze your bust thus creating an unflattering curvy line that is visible over the top while bras that are too big will have edges of their cups sticking out through the top. If you are unsure of your bra size, do not be afraid to ask the staff at the shops for their help.

More permanent solution

Some women experience other more serious issues with big bust which is usually related to back pain and bad posture. If you believe that breast reduction surgery will make your quality of life better do not be reluctant to find all the information about this process that would help you make your decision easier. With proper bra support and appropriate clothing, you will still be able to look as gorgeous as possible.

When buying clothes for yourself always make sure that you try them first and take a good look in the mirror to check if you are completely satisfied with what you see. You can also bring a trusting friend along who can take a better look at you from different angles and give their honest opinion. The most important thing is to have fun and use clothes as an expression of your personality!

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