Self-Esteem Quickie.

By Tia Cristy

Self-Esteem Quickie.

Man or woman; we've all been guilty of picking on ourselves. Stops picking out the wrong things.

It may sound corny, but some sayings will withstand the test of time, because of the truth they hold. "Nobody can love you unless you love yourself." And, I'm not talking about being conceded. (it's hard to love anyone conceded.) I'm talking about looking at who you are inside and out, and loving it. The tip to being good to yourself.

Lot's of  today's woes got the world down, but a quick tip to a positive you, is 5 minutes a day in the mirror with your reflection. And reflecting on positive things is what you are doing. Don't feel silly.

Start simple with what you like about yourself. It may be difficult at first but, try to pick out a phyical feature. For example, you like your hair, your eyes, etc. Physical feature should be the first thing is pick out, since it's usually the hardest for a person to do. Then once you except that, tell yourself about something good you did or something you are good at. Again this may be hard at first, but after participating in "yourself" time a few times, you will begin to feel a better outlook and confidence about yourself.

Adding in this outside project can take your self-esteem even further; look for smiles in the crowd, not faces, but smiles. Identifying happy people in your surrounding will make you a happier person.This is proven.

Tips from Tia is trying to keep you looking good and feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me!


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