Stupid, Really Stupid Tip of the Day: You have to have a Date for Valentine's Day...

By Tia Cristy

Best of Love Week!

Stupid, Really Stupid Tip of the Day: You have to have a Date for Valentine's Day to Enjoy the Day.

Nope! This is not a true. Going stag can be just fine.

A found fact is, some people that go on blind dates for Valentine's Day with high expectations, are forced with too much pressure to find perfection, and will not move forward, into a relationship.

A relationship brought together by a blind date or a mutual set-up, is probably more likely to blossom, on just an average day. Now, if you already do have a blind date or mutual set-up thing on Valentine's Day, the tip is, enjoy it like it was any other day.

Now, if you don't have a Valentine, that's just fine. There is no need to go looking for a date. You just need to look forward, to having a good day. The tip for you, do something for yourself, to remind yourself, how special you are. We have all forgotten to do that for ourselves, at one time or another. Make plans for yourself to go see a movie or eat somewhere. Inviting other single friends is a nice idea, but make sure it doesn't turn into a wallowing fest. Keep your day up beat, like any other day.

And remember, if someone happens to make you feel bad about not celebrating or being "Anti-Valentine's Day", you can just use the excuse, your future relationship is depending upon you, not celebrating this year.

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me!


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